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Stevens Family Moving & Storage was prompt, careful, on time and very reasonable. I highly recommend them for a move.It made moving virtually painless!
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We had a great experience with Stevens! They were professional, did a great job with pack and unloading our items and made the move extremely easy for a 7 month pregnant lady! I really was pleased with the driver Jason Henneman, he did a phenomenal job... and kept in touch with us every step of the way! I highly Recommend them for your next move!read more
Melody Remington
23:42 20 May 19
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Wine Movers

Wine Movers

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Stevens Moving & Storage wants to assist you in safely and securely moving your small or large wine collection. Our wine moving services can help you take care of:

  • Packing supplies and wine shipping containers
  • Packing and unpacking your wine collection
  • Storing your collection in our safe, secure and climate-controlled warehouse storage
  • Remove your wine shipping boxes and debris

When you decide to choose the professional wine movers at Stevens Moving & Storage, you receive:

  • Over 100 years of dedicated customer service and high-quality moving & storage services
  • Fully-licensed, insured and bonded moving & storage company
  • Family-owned and operated business
  • A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau

For more information on how we can help you transport your favorite wine collection, contact us at (989) 755-1404 or fill out our free quote form right away!

Transporting wine and finding a reputable company to help pack, haul and ship your wine collection efficiently and properly can be tricky. Not only must the company ensure the safety of the bottles themselves, but the wine must also be kept cool, so the contents don’t spoil.

Stevens Moving & Storage can help you transport your valuable wine collection using safe and secure methods with competitive rates. Our wine-moving services are continuously being tuned to ensure the next move is as successful as the last.

Home Wine Moving Services

Our wine-moving services include using refrigerated, climate-controlled containers, vehicles and storage systems which allow us to efficiently manage the entire wine shipping process. Whether you’re moving across town or over state lines, we will take care of whatever you may need from beginning to end including planning, logistics and an enormous amount of packing materials and boxes at your disposal.

Regardless of your needs, a household move can be exhausting. That’s why Stevens Moving & Storage are here to help manage your wine collection, whatever the size may be. Here are just a few of the things we can do for you:

Moving Your Wine

As you begin moving your wine collection, consider these questions in preparation for your wine relocation:

  • Are you moving locally or long-distances?
    • If you’re moving locally, you can either move the collection yourself or choose a reliable moving company like Stevens Moving & Storage.
    • If you’re moving long-distances, it’s best to let a professional handle your shipping needs.
  • How many hours will your wine sit in the truck?
    • If your collection going to be in a container for a long period of time, consider whether a wine moving specialist like Stevens would be better equipped to handle your move.
  • Is your wine collection extensive?
    • If it’s a rather large assortment, stick with a moving professional to handle the packing, hauling and transporting of your wine.
  • How valuable is your wine collection?
    • If your wine collection is valuable, speak with a moving representative during the initial quote consultation to discuss coverage options available.

Preparing Your Wine Bottles for Moving

Wine Movers

If you’re ready to move your collection, follow these six important steps before, during and after your wine relocation:

  1. Check custom laws. Some states or countries may prohibit moving alcohol across states lines.
  2. Appraise your wine. If your collection is valuable, ensure you get it appraised in case any damage to your collection occurs during the move.
  3. Take inventory. Keep it a comprehensive list of all wines listed in the collection and ensure the moving company understands it as high value so they can keep an eye on it.
  4. Pack with care. Do not pack or move open bottles of wine. If you’re packing, or if our crewmembers are packing, the wine must be kept on its side to keep the cork wet and safe from becoming brittle.
  5. Maintain proper temperature. To prevent the wine from spoiling, a temperature of roughly 55° F should be maintained during transportation.
  6. Allow wine to rest. Once the wine has been relocated, a good rule of thumb is to allow the wine to rest for at least one week before opening it for every day you’ve traveled. So, if you’ve traveled for two days, you shouldn’t open your wine for 14 days. The reason is because during the move, the jostling of the liquid can cause “bottle shock,” which can have an impact on the flavor.

Wine Moving Quote

By choosing Stevens Moving & Storage to safely pack, haul and transport your wine collection, you’ve already taken proper measures to help maintain the value and flavor of your collection during your move.

If you’re ready to relocation your wine collection, call on the wine movers at Stevens Moving & Storage at (989) 755-1404 or fill out our free quote form today!

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